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New To Video On Demand!

Our Video-On-Demand offering gives you direct access to Sadguru Kedarji's available talks. These talks are purchased as a download of an MP4 file that you own.

Every talk of Kedarji's delivers a Blessing of Grace and a timely message that is always relevant and immediately applicable to one's life. For seekers of the Truth and students/devotees, these are a great way to begin mastering all the energies of your life!

GO TO WEBSITE - New-Year's Message Talks

GO TO WEBSITE - Mini Course 204

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Replay of the Live, Exclusive Webinar Interview!

What is Grace! Why is Grace So Important For Attaining Permanent Spiritual Power and Lasting Wellness? In this exclusive, live webinar interview, Sadguru Kedarji, the spiritual leader of Nityananda Shaktipat Yoga, IS interviewed on the topic of Grace, how it is attained and imbibed rather than sabotaged, and why Grace is so important for the spiritual journey home and wellness in mundane life.


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2.5-DAY SHAKTIPAT MEDITATION RETREAT! THE POWER OF SOLITUDE, SILENCE & CHANTING! In order to calm the restless mind, silence is necessary to wean the mind into a state of peace and serenity. Keeping silence requires establishing an environment of solitude in which practicing silence is supported and nurtured. Chanting calms the restless mind and prepares it for enjoying and taking refuge in silence. So, these three are interdependent where making the restless mind quiet is concerned. And, if you don’t address your restless mind, you can never know God. @Nileshwar Shaktipat Meditation, Wellness & Spiritual Retreat Center, Youngstown, OH.


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Program Leader - The Art Of Inner Transformation

The Mirror of The Guru

The Mirror of The Guru

The Shakti brings out the best and the worst in people. Nityananda Shaktipat Yoga is part of a long, unbroken and time-honored lineage of Sages of steady wisdom, all of whom were Shaktipat Gurus. Ours is the sacred, Parampara lineage of Lord Shiva in which the Grace, Blessings and instruction for permanent spiritual transformation and Liberation has been handed down from Guru to Disciple in an unbroken, oral tradition. At the heart of this is the Grace-Bestowing power of God transmitted by the living Guru which begins the Shaktipat Kriya Process….

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VOD Mini Courses Now Available for Purchase!

Mini courses are now available for purchase as an MP4 dowload! Mini courses are inexpensive ways to quickly absorb, embody and apply a teaching and principle. Mini courses are designed to help us examine all the aspects of a teaching, principle or technique, one at-a-time in short, focused bursts, and on an experiential level that can be reflected in all the areas of our lives.


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