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Sadguru Kedarji - Shaktipat Guru

Sadguru Kedarji

Siddha Science & Shaktipat Guru – Meditation Master – Holistic Well-Being Visionary

“Love is all there is. Grace is God’s Love. The awakening into Pure Perceiving Awareness, Infinite Awareness of the Highest that we refer to as Shaktipat is Love. The journey to recognition of our true nature is Love. Ours is an approach where we lead with Love. In the end, it all comes back to Love.” ~ Sadguru Kedarji

From wisdom, well-being. What’s wrong with becoming both wise and well?

If you had leadership that can deliver you to being happy for no good reason, becoming immersed in a state of Joy and inner Peace, while becoming healthier than you are today – leadership that results in lasting well-being in every area of your life, why not embrace it?

Bhakta School Founder

Kedarji is the Founder of The Bhakta School of Transformation, an Ohio-based not-for-profit public charity devoted to lasting Inner Peace and Total Well-Being. The curriculum offering here is based on Kedarji’s Ecology of Well-Being and his 4 Pillars of Total Well-being.

Leading With Love

Kedarji is a Sadhu in the lineage of the great sage and saint, Bhagawan Nityananda of Ganeshpuri. A Sadhu is one who has made the commitment to live as an ascetic, giving up the pursuit of worldly pleasures and fantasies to serve the common good and work to uplift humanity – in a way that includes spiritual uplift and care for the well-being of all. In this regard, Kedarji is also known as a Sadguru, meaning true spiritual leader, and a Shaktipat Guru.

Indeed, Kedarji is both a spiritual leader, as well as, a holistic practitioner/researcher and natural healing scientist who has made the commitment to offer all the gifts and skills he has acquired that have changed his life and that of countless others, for the betterment of Humanity.

In this regard, you will find that Kedarji is a being in whom there is a unique and complimentary mix of the spiritual, the practical and the path of love and well-being that also culminates in vibrant health.

Meaning of Sadguru

Sadguru means a true spiritual Leader, one who leads by example with the power of Grace and Wisdom – one who is a perfect model for what is being taught. Sadguru Kedarji is such a being. He is a spiritual leader and Shaktipat Guru who leads by example in becoming both wise and well with a powerful, heart-centered approach.

Practical Leadership

Kedarji has a reputation for leading without insisting that people follow. This allows students and seekers to come to our approach in their own way. Although ‘Sadguru’ is an affectionate term used by those who have benefitted from his leadership, for Kedarji, the reference to Sadguru is a reference to our lineage of Sadgurus on whose shoulders he stands and takes refuge in. This is the great Shiva lineage that Bhagawan Nityananda of Ganeshpuri also made, of which Kedarji is a part.

Wise, Happy and Healthy

In Kedarji’s company, people learn the daily rituals and methods of the most spiritually-powerful, happiest and healthiest people on the planet. Kedarji combines the power of Grace of his spiritual lineage with the time-honored, Siddha Science, the Yoga of the Siddhas. This powerful combination includes his skill as a Shaktipat Meditation master. With his Ecology of Well-Being and 4 Pillars of Total Well-Being as the foundation, he leads us in an exact Science for both wisdom and well-being. This includes opening pathways to vibrant health.

Studies In Preventive Medicine

He studied Oriental Medicine, Eastern Medicine and Iridology with Michio Kushi, his mentor and founder of the Macrobiotic movement in America. This included completion of more than 1,500 hours of study in Holistic nutrition, based on nutrient-dense, real food. He completed his studies and training, graduating from The Kushi Institute in 1979.

He also studied with Aveline Kushi, Dr. Bernard Jensen and Wataru Ohashi of Ohashi Institute and Health. Kedarji is also a graduate of Dr. Alan Hopkins’ Lab Masterclass where he was taught how to read and interpret biomarkers on blood tests and advanced testing.

He has completed an additional 1,500 hours of study with the top doctors, researchers and scientists in the field, in natural healing based on lifestyle medicine and the Whole Food Plant-Based approach to vibrant health. He continues to follow and monitor the work of these mentors.

Additional Holistic Well-Being Mentoring

Additional mentoring occurred under Michael Abehsera, Masaaki Yamaguchi, the founder of Souen health and William Dufty, author of the book Sugar Blues. Kedarji also studied herbology, botanical medicine and Holistic, Vegan cooking with Anne Marie Colbin. Victor Kulvinskas was also a mentor in botanical medicine. Each of his mentors were original pioneers in these fields.


Kedarji is the author of several books and courses, including:

  • Vibration of Divine Consciousness. A Spiritual Autobiography.
  • The Verses On Witness Consciousness.
  • How To Be Fearless, Happy and Resilient In The Age of Noise and Distractions. (a video home-study course and weekend retreat).
  • The Sutras On The 5-Fold Act of Divine Consciousness.
  • Live Strong and Be Happy. Learn The Daily Rituals of The Most Spiritually-Powerful, Happiest and Healthiest People On The Planet.
  • For The Love of Greed

He is also the co-producer and host of the Whole Life Transformation Summit, a virtual summit/conference with multiple guest speakers who are experts in the field.

Spiritual Journey

Kedarji began his quest to understand and fully imbibe Yoga Science at an early age. Feeling incomplete, Kedarji began an intense spiritual journey that took him to India and Asia. Soon after, he experienced an initiation, an awakening into the power of true Meditation, Chanting and Contemplation that formed the foundation for putting all the pieces together.

Due to this event and ongoing application of the methods taught connected to it, Kedarji was able to really get the science behind well-being that is based on power – energy. He calls it the energy substratum of everything. His direct, unfolding experience of this power is the basis for the integration of his 4 Pillars of Total Well-Being embodied in his unique approach; An approach that combines Yoga Science and the science of a holistic lifestyle of healing and well-being.

Authentic Shaktipat Guru

Sadguru Kedarji is a Shaktipat Guru. He has been vested with the power and authority to fully awaken and nurture the dormant spiritual awareness known as Kundalini. Specifically, this awakening occurs by way of the transmission of the Grace-bestowing power inherent in the Blessing of Shaktipat. In particular, you will find that Sadguru Kedarji is a recognized and very skilled spiritual leader and Shaktipat Meditation Master. Specifically, this is the ability to lead you on the journey to the realization of your true nature. Indeed, this is a journey in which you retrace your steps back to God.

Social Responsibility

While living in New York City, Kedarji worked with the NYPD and then Senator Franz Leichter and Congresswoman Ruth Messinger to establish citizen block patrols to clean up crime, drugs and pornography in the mid-town theater district of Manhattan. Working with Police Commissioner Benjamin Ward and Borough Commander Ray Kelly, he became widely respected as a community leader for social responsibility.

Today his social responsibility advocacy focuses on putting an increased spotlight on the disease of greed and the ways in which we can, both individually and collectively, reverse the impact and corruption of greed on the overall quality of our lives.


He has also created a proven centering and healing process. It is known as The Maharudra Awakening. Additionally, when you perform MA as instructed for just 20 minutes each day, this process increases spiritual power. At the same time, it invigorates your mind, stabilizing the emotions and enhancing your body’s natural ability to heal. You can Live Strong, Be Happy and Enjoy Your Existence Here by applying Sadguru Kedarji’s 4 Pillars of Total Well-Being. In this way, you will experience that Spiritual Power is the foundation for well-being.

Come Join Us

You can find out who Sadguru Kedarji is by spending some time in the company of this Shaktipat Meditation master. Moreover, this is also the best way for you to experience how the power of Grace and Siddha Science skills mastery that he transmits can impact your life for the better.

Come join us to be with Sadguru Kedarji and our spiritual & well-being community. Doing so, you will experience the profound Well-Being leadership that awaits you here. You will find Sadguru Kedarji to be an outgoing, warm and accessible leader with a great sense of humor. Equally welcoming and skilled is our staff of teachers. We hope to welcome you soon to our programs.

Board of Directors
The Bhakta School of Transformation

Independent Organization

The Bhakta School of Transformation, the not-for-profit public charity that produces and manages the Nityananda Shaktipat Yoga curriculum, is an independent organization. Although we form collaborations and strategic partnerships with other people and organizations, we are not a subsidiary of or direct affiliate of any other organization.

Shaktipat Meditation Master

Shaktipat Meditation Master
sadguru kedarji
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