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Shaktipat Yoga Experience Shares in Nityananda Shaktipat Yoga

shaktipat yoga experience shares

shaktipat yoga experience shares


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Shaktipat Yoga experience shares. The Weekend Shaktipat Blessing Retreat is the core offering in our curriculum. On one auspicious afternoon, several of Kedarji’s agreed to a group interview on camera about their understanding and experiences of Shaktipat. Each has received the transmission of the Grace-bestowing power of God, the full Kundalini Awakening from Kedarji. View the videos of experience shares. Each video is under 1.5 minutes. Shaktipat Yoga Experience Shares.

Shaktipat Yoga Experience Shares

“Until I received my first Shaktipat blessing from Kedarji, I did not understand contentment and peace. Not knowing what to anticipate, I went into it with no expectations. When Kedarji pressed a spot on my forehead, I drifted into a deep meditation where every ache, resistance, and stress dissolved. In this meditation, I experienced myself as a clear shell of a body, immersed in an endless blue body of water.

I floated still in the water, while hearing, “I am the sea. The sea is me.” At this moment, I experienced pure desirelessness and content. It was a state where I wanted nothing, no external force could change this bliss, and I wanted to stay hovering in the experience forever, merged completely into this blue sea. It was a thoughtless state, beyond anything words could describe. Months and years later I realized I had a glimpse into that “end state,” that place beyond the mind and beyond the senses the Great Beings of this lineage write about.”
~ Jamie W., Georgetown, TX

“Receiving Kedarji’s Shaktipat Blessing has changed my life in a profound way. I now know from personal experience what has lasting importance. I know God exists, God’s location, and have a sense of God’s identity. This is not blind faith or repeating what other people have written. It is an ongoing scientific experiment in the laboratory of my life. My life has changed for the better.”
~ Ben T., Parkland, FL

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“Receiving Kedarji’s Shaktipat blessing set in motion the miracle of this transforming Grace in all aspects of my life and existence here. No longer am I the victim of my life and circumstances, but the creator of them – by way of the understandings I choose to hold from moment to moment. This Grace has begun to purify the falsehoods and karmic baggage I have carried around for so long.

Despite “obstacles,” I am experiencing a breathtaking freedom and inner-strength to take on life’s challenges that I never knew was possible. What does this Blessing of Grace really mean to me? The lyrics to Amazing Grace sum it up perfectly: “Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me. I once was lost, but now I’m found; was blind, but now I see.”
~ Amanda H., Erie, PA

“Since my receipt of Shaktipat everyday is life changing! This gift of Grace opened and continues to open my eyes to so many habits I have that are true obstacles to changing the quality of my life and making permanent spiritual transformation.

Nothing else that I had been seeking in the way of Spirituality was able to so clearly reveal those habits/obstacles and then provide me with a means to addressing them for good. I am grateful for this path that reveals, unfolds, and nurtures me along the way. It was the greatest gift I could have given to myself to enroll in this weekend.”
~ Deana T., Boardman, OH

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“When I attended a weekend intensive I did not know what to expect. I just knew I needed to attend the intensive and followed my gut. The weekend ended up being a wonderful, life-changing experience.

Receiving the Shakti Awakening from Kedarji, and having been immersed in the Love with which he offered the teachings and practices, this was the beginning of permanent, positive change that continues to impact me, my family and my surroundings everyday of my life.

Being in a group with people meditating, chanting, learning and sharing the desire to manifest a higher, stronger, clearer and long-lasting spiritual awareness within us is a wonderful and gratifying experience. In the intensive, you can feel the energy being transmitted by Kedarji and there is an inner knowing that you have stepped into a sacred environment that surrounds and penetrates you.

In this weekend meditation retreat you will learn how to meditate correctly. You will receive the wonderful and deeply profound Shakti Awakening that makes meditation spontaneous while invoking healing. You will learn chanting and its benefits. The heightened states of Consciousness that are already present within you will be revealed.

In many ways the intensive experience is like unlocking a part of yourself that has been waiting to be discovered for so long. For me, it was like no longer having to look at a closed door wondering what’s behind it, but instead, stepping through the door and experiencing many “Aha” moments that I know will last me a lifetime.”
~ Stephanie C. A devotee in Zelienople, PA

“After receiving Shakti Awakening from Kedarji, there was a great deal of energy at the top of my head and I heard a sound. The sound was a vibration that sounded like someone was ringing bells off in the distance. When I focused on the sound the energy rose to a space above my head and I saw a very bright white light. Then I experienced a physical kriya as my body began to tremble.

I was heaving up some emotions but it didn’t feel like me. I wasn’t doing anything. It was just happening to me. Like Kedarji was cleaning me out. Then, I began to cry out loud in a release that felt like I had been cleaned out. I feel at peace and very clean.”
~ Ron M. A devotee in Austin, TX

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“The experience I had in the meditation following Shakti Awakening is the best meditation I have ever had in all the years of my meditation practice. It was so wonderful! I feel completely free, peaceful and very happy.

I saw Bhagawan Nityananda in a seated posture appear before me. He glided toward me in this posture and when He got very close to me He began to multiply until His form filled all the space I could see. This was the best meditation I have ever had. I was with Bhagawan in a sea of Him!”
~ Cindy B. A devotee in Orlando, FL

“I did not know that I could have such an amazing weekend! I did not expect that it could be so great. My meditations were very deep and profound. Everything that Kedarji spoke about was amazing. He explains everything in a way that I can understand and in a way where I can experience God.

Even though it’s only my first Intensive, I know that I have found my Guru, my Path and my way. I know that I want to go deeper and experience God and that Kedar can take me there.”
~ Sita O. A devotee in Paramus, NJ

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“The way I have been taught meditation was very rigid and in a stiff posture. After asking Kedarji for instruction for my meditation, my experience of meditation was changed. I did just as he said and my meditations have since been profound.

I am very happy to have received Kedarji’s instruction. It changed the quality and depth of my meditation.”
~ Harold S. A devotee in Detroit, MI

“In this Intensive I started to experience a burning desire for God. I have always experienced a separateness from God, feeling different and far removed from God. I truly haven’t felt a longing for God in a long time because I didn’t feel good about myself and thought that God would not actually hear me.

Now, I feel that, as I identify myself as God, this separateness is being diminished little by little. And as my faith increases, so does my experience of God.”
~ Rose D. A devotee in Paris, France

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“Kedarji’s Grace reached me even before He gave me Shakti Awakening by touch. I experienced a blissful state of meditation. Later, I was told that there were several people going through laughing kriyas during the Meditation and that the noise level was quite loud.

I was so absorbed inside that I did not even notice. I didn’t hear a thing. When Kedarji did give me the touch, I experienced full conscious awareness with no thoughts. I was looking at an Om symbol. Instead of a curve, it had a handle and it was shimmering beautifully with light. Then I heard Kedarji’s voice giving me instruction as I sailed off into meditation without conscious awareness. My experience tells me that Kedarji is a true Guru.”
~ Paul U. A devotee in Philadelphia, PA

“Before coming here I questioned whether or not I should be here and if Kedarji was a real Guru. Well, I’ve had my questions answered! I know that I belong here and that Kedarji is indeed a true guru. I feel very grateful for having the opportunity to be here and receive such blessings.

My meditations were deep and my heart is satisfied and convinced by my experiences I had which confirm that I can trust Kedarji. I am impressed with how open Kedarji is about his life, his Sadhana and his past. And, how He relates all these to the teachings he gives. In my experience there are many Gurus who say that they are perfect and pretend like they have always been perfect.

They will not tell you about anything other than their perfection. They just pretend they were always perfect and who can relate to that? Kedarji is unlike those people, not only is he is a true Guru but he’s down to earth and approaches the teachings in a way that I can understand them and relate to them, which is important. I feel incredibly blessed and lucky to be so fortunate to be here with him and learning from him.”
~ Marie F. A devotee in Vancouver, Canada

More Shaktipat Yoga Experience Shares

“Thank you for this beautiful weekend Intensive. I have learned more in these last two days that I have learned in my whole life! I feel right at home and as if I have come home. There is such wealth here. I am very happy to have been a part of this Intensive and experienced such wonderful teachings and meditations. Thank you for the wonderful meals and hospitality; this was also a very important part of my experience here also. Thank you. ”
~ Molly H. A devotee in Danbury, CT

“I had beautiful experiences in meditation. In one meditation, I saw myself floating. I felt tears and bliss of happiness. Even now, I feel unbelievable happiness.”
~ Susan D. A devotee in Coal Springs, FL

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“I have never known that Love exists inside myself. I have looked for it outside myself my whole life. For so many years I have searched for Love. I even thought that I had experienced it only to find out that I had not. Both days of this Intensive have been really intense for me.

A lot has happened. My meditations were wonderful. I have discovered that Love is within my very Self. Kedarji showed me that Love is within myself. I cry tears of joy in gratitude for this revelation. I did not know that Love existed inside me at all. Thank You to Kedarji. Thank God. I am overjoyed. I am so happy!”
~ Hope C. A devotee in New York, NY

“I have been struggling emotionally with my husband and a friend’s near death. When I got to the Ashram I was very angry. I’ve been very angry for the last couple of weeks. I believed God created suffering and I could not understand it. I was angry with God. When Kedarji approached me to give me Shakti Awakening, I fought Him.

I was trying to push Him away but He persisted. As He did so, I felt the emotions slowly lift and I began to feel peaceful. As the intensive continues, more emotions are lifting and I feel even more at peace. I am able to give myself to the meditations and experience what I came here for.”
~ Franklin G. A devotee in Hartford, CT

More Shaktipat Yoga Experience Shares

“I want to thank you. Although I have experienced initiation before, this was the most gentle, the most beautiful and also the safest rising I ever had back to the one heart, the one love.”
~ Laura S. A devotee in Cambridge, MA

“This was my first intensive and this is all very new to me. I did have many realizations about myself in these two days. I was given so much knowledge and I am still processing it. This has been wonderful and amazing. I kept seeing Bhagawan Nityananda and the face of the Master, Kedar in my meditations.

The Master also appeared to me in orange robes. I am in awe, amazed.”
~ Yogi Ram L. A devotee in Mumbai, India

More Shaktipat Yoga Experience Shares

“After receiving Shakti Awakening from Kedarji, I had an amazing experience. I slipped into a deep meditation and I transcended the void and entered witness consciousness. Here I experienced myself expand to become the vastness of the Universe, feeling completely free and full of Bliss.

I experienced a state of all-knowing, yet without language. I was aware that my body was in meditation because I felt it lying in a rejuvenating pool yet, I experienced complete awareness of being the energy of observance and not merely the form engaged in meditation. In this state there were no words, ideas, thoughts, notions or imagination. This state was one without any limitation or intellectual comprehension, just awareness.”
~ Pat Z. A devotee in Boston, MA

“In an instant, by choosing what we focus on, we can go from turmoil, pain, and hardship to the bliss of the Self. In an instant, just by focusing on what is beyond the mind and beyond the senses, we can immerse ourselves in the Love of the true Heart.

After experiencing the spiritual awakening, teachings and practices offered through Nityananda Shaktipat Yoga programs, under the watchful guidance of a spiritual adept in Kedarji, I have observed a permanent and welcome change occurring in which my mundane and worldly pursuits are being eclipsed by this transformative approach to permanent spiritual transformation.

Through the teachings and practices offered here, I have found that it is the nature of the mind to ruminate over impressions left behind on it. It is this rumination that makes up the thoughts that we allow ourselves to entertain and act on.

By attracting more and more Grace into my life in following the Nityananda Shaktipat Yoga approach, and with diligent spiritual practice, I experience that I earn tests from the Shakti. Every test is an opportunity to transcend my incorrect understanding and draw nearer to merging with the Supreme Consciousness within.

I decided to grab the rope of God’s transformative Grace that has come to me through the teachings, practices, tests and awareness provided by this approach. I took a leap of faith to grasp the rope of the spiritual transformation offered me by Kedarji. What a great choice that has come to be!”
~ David G. A devotee in Jefferson Hills, PA

Shaktipat Yoga Experience Shares

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