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How To Find The Right Spiritual Guru? – Article.

By reading this page you will learn:

  1. Steps to take to find the right spiritual Guru or spiritual master for you.
  2. How to test the Guru to determine if that Spiritual Guru Is Authentic.
  3. Where to begin your search for a Shaktipat Guru.
  4. Program/Event Schedule.


  • Wisdom To Well-Being Through Sadguru Kedarji’s Offering of Siddha Science and Worship
  • Sadguru Kedarji’s Ecology of Well-Being & Vibrant Health Offering


COVID-19 – What To Expect When Attending Our Programs Here

We are a sacred space of Worship and, as such, are exempt from Ohio state and local Covid-19 mandates. Even so, we have instituted the following policies for our public programs:

  1. All public worship spaces are disinfected before the start of every event, and again at the end of the event. This includes all knobs and surfaces. This is in addition to our regularly scheduled cleaning of these spaces.
  2. You will be welcomed at the door and asked to remove your shoes. We do not require the wearing of masks. That’s your choice.
  3. As the current hysteria is fostering unnecessary and unsubstantiated fear of each other, you may get a hug while attending our programs.
  4. Anyone exhibiting symptoms consistent with what we recognize as SARS-COV2 will not be allowed to enter.

Nityananda Shaktipat Yoga Programs, Events and Worship Offered By Sadguru Kedarji and staff. **Dates are updated every month at the first of the month.

Gurupurnima 2020. 7/5 and 7/9

7/15/20 Event With Sadguru Kedarji and every Saturday evening of this month – talk, chanting and meditation

Request Sadguru Kedarji Speak At Your College Or University

Special Events

In addition, throughout the year we schedule special events to coincide with spiritual holidays and celebrations, including special chanting programs. We lose ourselves in the ecstasy of chanting for several hours or a day at a time.

Learn More

Webinar Replays

Catch the replays of past, live webinars.

Well-Being With Sadguru Kedarji’s
4 Pillars of Total Well-Being

Holistic Well-Being Videos. And learn more about our well-being curriculum at The Bhakta School of Transformation. 

Above All, From Wisdom, Well-Being. To Be Both Wise and Well Is The Practice and Goal of Our Yoga Science.

The Spiritual Power – Indeed, this is the root of the tree. Then Improved Mental State, Emotional Resilience and Vibrant Health – These are Sadguru Kedarji’s 4 Pillars of Total Well-Being in his Ecology of Wellness. 

How To Find The Right Spiritual Guru?

First, it’s important for you to decide what you want in a spiritual Guru and path. For example, many make the mistake of not examining what they want to experience, what the goal of their seeking is, before looking for a Guru.

End Your Seeking Now

Are you seeking spiritual happiness? Do you want permanent spiritual transformation? Are you seeking to attain at state of Joy and Inner Peace? Do you want Self-Realization? So, there are questions you should ask yourself before beginning your search.


“A child cannot be born without a father and a mother. Clothes cannot be washed without water. There can be no horseman without a horse. So, without a Master, none can reach the court of the Lord.” ~ The Poet Saint Kabir

Nityananda Shaktipat Yoga

In conclusion, Nityananda Shaktipat Yoga is a multi-faceted curriculum of study in the ancient, time-honored and proved methods for attaining the following. Lasting Inner Peace, true Happiness and the experience of Love that is not dependent on anything and anyone outside yourself. This curriculum was designed by our spiritual leader, Sadguru Kedarji.

Test The Guru First

Most importantly, once you have decided what kind of spiritual transformation you want, then you will need to be led by a competent spiritual Guru. How do you determine if the Guru is competent or not to lead you? 

First Test Step

Does the Guru have his own Guru whom he/she followed and served over a period of years? This is essential. Therefore, you shouldn’t follow a Guru who has never followed and obeyed his/her own Master’s instruction.

Second Test Step

Is the Guru in a lineage of such beings who have attained what you seek? For example, if you want to attain permanent spiritual transformation and Liberation (God-realization), how can you be led to that attainment by someone who is not in a lineage of such Gurus? So, lineage is very important.

Here’s why. To this end, answer the following questions to yourself. Does the Guru’s behavior, words and mannerism match the understandings given in the utterances of the sacred texts of his/her lineage? In other words, is the Guru’s behavior in alignment with the Masters who have gone before him/her?

Third Test Step

Do you have concrete experiences of spiritual transformation by keeping the company of the Guru and following his/her instruction? Equally important, are these experiences growing and becoming more steady as you follow the Guru’s instruction for daily spiritual practice and spiritual life?

Use the above as the means for testing the Guru before you follow.

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