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Here in our meditation online store we carry an insightful selection of publications by Sadguru Kedarji, meditation books, pictures, sacred texts, incense, chanting and kirtan CDs, and a selection of course MP3 downloads!

meditation online store

Meditation Online Store

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meditation online store

We also carry wonderful CDs of chants that are also available as MP3 downloads. 

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meditation online store

So many of us have requested pictures of Kedarji to carry with us and place on our Pujas to help focus our worship of the Self and attract the power of his Grace into our lives. These pictures come in various sizes.

See Which Pictures Are Available

Surya Incense is a traditional offering of worship and an aid in enhancing the meditative experience. This premium brand of incense is a natural blend of Ayurvedic herbs and aromatic botanical extracts that are hand rolled in India. These natural fragrances possess the power to stimulate Shakti and healing.

10% of the revenue is donated to the displaced widows in Vrindavan, India who hand roll this incense.

Incense comes in a variety of choices and scents.

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Purchase books by Sadguru Kedarji.

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meditation online store

Purchase sacred texts on the wisdom of our Siddha Science by some of the great sages of our lineage.

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of Popular Courses.

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