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Kedarji has said:

“By the Blessing and Grace of our great lineage, my Shri Gurudev transformed hundreds of thousands of lives for the better, and permanently. In some cases, I witnessed this with my own eyes. How great is the power of our lineage! My Baba would tell us that this lineage stands behind us like a mountain, Blessing our Sadhanas, filling us with Grace and protecting us in every way! I place my head at their lotus feet forever.”

About The Lineage of Sadgurus On Which Nityananda Shaktipat Yoga Is Based.

These are partial lists. Our Siddha lineage spans many centuries and every effort has been made with respect to accuracy. We have done our best to state our lineage that includes Kedarji, based on the Saints we honor and glorify in our approach.

Independent Organization

The Bhakta School of Transformation, the not-for-profit public charity that produces and manages the Nityananda Shaktipat Yoga curriculum, is an independent organization. Although we form collaborations and strategic partnerships with other people and organizations, we are not a subsidiary of or direct affiliate of any other organization.

Our Intention

The intention for posting this page comes out of Kedarji’s love for and desire to glorify the lineage of which he is a part. By the instruction of his Guru, here we embrace Shri Bhagawan Nityananda of Ganeshpuri as the master of our lineage in these modern times. This great Shaktipat Sadguru’s name is reflected in the title of our offering – Nityananda Shaktipat Yoga. In honoring Bhagawan Nityananda in this way, we do not negate the relevance and Blessing of our entire lineage.

Organizations Do Not Make Shaktipat Sadgurus

Foundations and organizations with ashrams and centers in many places around the world are a fairly new phenomenon, based on spiritual leaders finding money to finance such missions. This is a phenomenon that began in the 20th century, due to the development of large economies built on the model of capitalism for perpetuating commerce to generate revenue.

Therefore, most Shaktipat Sadgurus in the lineage of such beings did not have foundations or other organizations to support and promote their missions. Most made their offering out of small ashrams that could accommodate only small groups of people or hermitages in which they lived.

Some had Mutts (not the dog) which were often comprised of a storefront out of which the Guru sold items to sustain his/her existence, with one or two rooms in the back of the storefront where the Guru and his family lived, and a second floor that served as the meditation hall and place of worship and instruction.

What is important to understand is that organizations do not make Shaktipat Sadgurus. Only an authentic Shaktipat Sadguru in a lineage of such beings can make and authorize another Shaktipat Sadguru. Further, organizations that have no current knowledge of a particular Guru’s offering, by way of first-hand experience that is current, are not in a position to comment on that Guru’s authenticity.

Public Announcements

The making of a public announcement/endorsement by a living Shaktipat Sadguru as to who is an authentic, living Guru in his her line is a rare occurrence. Such public announcements have almost always been connected to the need to name a successor/s who will continue to run an established foundation/organization after the current spiritual head passes.

This is not to say that such an event is not relevant or necessary. It’s just that it is not the norm by any means. Historically verified by evidence-based research, the following are the principle means by which a Shaktipat Sadguru in a lineage of such beings authorizes another to lead

  • Direct command, either coming from the Guru in physical form or the subtle form of the Guru inside, or both. If the direct command comes by way of the Guru’s physical form, that command is followed by those in that Guru’s spiritual community being told of same. Since most Siddhas in a lineage have not had institutions running their missions, such telling was usually by word-of-mouth from others in the spiritual community
  • By reminder that, once one has attained Self-realization, one has a duty to lead and instruct others. This is based on that Sadguru, at some point, confirming to his/her Disciple that he/she has been blessed with the final dawning of God-realization. As an example, Shri Bhagawan Nityananda of Ganeshpuri states this in verse 28 of His Chidakasha Gita; “…First one must practice and after realization, he must begin to teach others.” Lord Shiva also states this in the Kularnava Tantra and in the Shri Guru Gita, verse 158; “One who is a devoted Disciple (of the Guru), in time, becomes the Guru. Then, such a being is always the greatest of the knowers of God.”

Given What Has Been Shared Here, How Do You Determine Whether Or Not Someone Is An Authentic Shaktipat Guru?

“One who has thoroughly wiped off the idea “I am the body” is fit to be called a guru. There is none higher than such a one. There is no God above such a Guru. Such a Guru is God, and God is such a Guru.”
~Bhagawan Nityananda of Ganeshpuri, Verse 29 of the Chidakasha Gita

Direct Experience. It is easy to argue with printed statements, endorsements, etc., but you can’t argue with direct experience. The experiences you have as a result of keeping the company of a Shaktipat Sadguru over an extended period of time, are the primary means by which to judge authenticity. The living Master must state clearly the goal of his/her instruction to you, along with ways in which your progress or lack thereof can be tested, so that you know, at every step, where you’re at and what changes you need to make to continue your progress.

When keeping the company of the living Sadguru, are you having experiences consistent with the stated goal of the instruction?

Are those experiences growing as you fully engage the instruction given for expanding those experiences?

Are you experiencing that, over time, your experiences are becoming a permanent part of your transformation?

Are there scriptures/sacred texts that the Guru instructs you to read to experience what other Sages in the lineage have to say about the unfolding experiences one should have when keeping the extended company of a living Sadguru? (This is another very good method for verifying authenticity.)

These are the questions you need to answer for yourself. This does require that you spend an extended period of time in physical proximity to and under the direct instruction of the Guru. Reading statements on the web or other media, including the Guru’s own web site can never suffice for determining authenticity. Extended contact is necessary. Certainly, with today’s live streaming technology, if you do not live in close proximity to the Guru, attending live webcasts, for example (because they are unedited), can be a very good starting point for you to decide whether or not you will travel to keep the company of the Guru.

The 3 Test of The Guru.

It is essential that you test the Guru before accepting such a being as authentic and your Guru. The 3 test of the Guru is discussed at length in some of the sacred texts mentioned on this page. Kedarji speaks of it in the context of his own experience of testing his Guru, in his spiritual autobiography, Vibration of Divine Consciousness., and in The Shaktipat Education & Resource Guide.

The Experience Shares of Others In The Guru’s Spiritual Community.

In order to determine level of credibility, it is useful to obtain experience shares of the Guru from those who are active in that Guru’s spiritual community. However, such experience shares should never override the importance of your own, direct experience of the Guru. In other words, don’t make a decision as to authenticity on the experience shares of others alone.

The Existence of A Sadguru and Lineage That The Master Has Served For An Extended Period of Time.

This is an important step in determining authenticity and is discussed on this page. In some cases, those who could be instrumental in securing this step have passed on. In such cases, at times there are living devotees/disciples of a lineage holder who can verify that the Guru performed Sadhana under a lineage holder and served that lineage holder for a period of time. As you can probably understand, the possibility that the Guru’s Guru has passed on is another reason why direct experience is so, so important, along with the 3 test mentioned above.

Who Or What Is A Siddha?

In Nityananda Shaktipat Yoga we define the term ‘Siddha’ in the same way that Kedarji’s Guru did. Siddhas are spiritually-perfected, God-realized or Self-realized Love Beings who have and do uphold the Kula Dharma (1) as defined by Lord Shiva in sacred texts such as the Kularnava Tantra, the Shiva Sutras, the Shri Guru Gita, the Shri Guru Charitra, the Yoga Shika Upanishad, Mahayoga Vijnana and others.

After passing from their physical forms, these beings dwell in Siddhalokha in subtle form, offering their Grace and Blessings to all who follow a living Siddha who upholds the Kula Dharma. By the Grace of his Guru and our lineage, Kedarji has been transported to Siddhalokha in meditation many times and shares some of his experiences of these great beings in his talks and writings.

Siddhalokha Is Part of The Living Lineage

These beings who dwell in Siddhalokha are also part of this lineage of ours. Some of them have appeared to devotees and disciples of Kedarji in meditation and chanting, and upon receipt of or after receiving Shaktipat from Kedarji. Kedarji states that this is also due to the Blessing and Grace of his own Guru and our lineage.

The vision of the Siddhas of our lineage in Siddhalokha is spoken about by many of the Sadgurus in our line. This vision and entrance into Siddhalokha occurs by the Grace and Blessing of a Shaktipat Sadguru who has been blessed with the same Darshan of these beings in their subtle form by his/her own Guru.

This experience occurs upon the destruction of the ego idea and the vision of the blue star and its explosion. This occurs by way of the ongoing expansion of the experience of the Blue Pear (the Blue Bindu), leading to the ever-increasing experience of Bindu Nada.

Kedarji’s Experience

After being Blessed by his Guru with the vision of this blue star and its explosion, Kedarji was then told to read a sacred text of our lineage, the Paratrishika-Vivarana of Abhinavaguptacharya. In this sacred text, Abhinava explains the union of Shiva-Shakti Trikona with Bija to form Shathkona, the blue star.

Once this occurs, the Self, the Ultimate Reality becomes both real and the only Truth for the one receiving this Blessing of Grace. It is at this point that one is Blessed by the power of the Siddhas dwelling in Siddhalokha and then realizes “This too is my lineage – the lineage of Siddhas! I belong to them and they belong to me.”

Now, the subtle becomes as present as the gross. Then the immanent merges permanently in the transcendental and one knows that God alone exists as the play of this world. All of this comes about through the recognition and power of the Siddha lineage and its expression through a living Siddha – a Shaktipat Sadguru.

Kedarji shares his experiences of the Sages of our lineage dwelling in Siddhalokha in his spiritual autobiography, Vibration of Divine Consciousness and The Abode of Grace – Bhagawan Nityananda of Ganeshpuri.


The following are partial lists of Shaktipat Sadgurus, the God-realized Love Beings and spiritual leaders in the Siddha lineage of which Kedarji is a part, by way of having received Shaktipat from his Guru, Muktananda Paramahamsa, and being led in Sadhana by his Guru.

In addition, Kedarji places emphasis on our Kula Dharma, due to his direct experience of the Grace, Blessings and leadership of the Siddhas of our lineage, each of whom is in the direct line of Shiva. Bhagawan Nityananda of Ganeshpuri came here from Siddhalokha, the subtle realm of the Siddhas where so many saints continue to dwell in their subtle forms. He took a Guru, Ishwar Iyer, in order to set the example and stress the necessity of a living Sadguru in leading others to Liberation. Bhagawan Nityananda speaks about the importance of such a Guru in His Chidakasha Gita.

Shri Nityananda was Shiva incarnate, Shivaji coming here again to rescue His devotees and disciples. Can one who is of Shiva, descendant from Shiva, embodied in Shiva not be in the direct line of Shivaji? And can those whom such a being took across not also be in this direct lineage? Therefore, Kedarji is also of Shiva in this great lineage, as was his Guru.

**Kedarji is not the only living lineage holder in this lineage. Omissions from this partial list in no way imply the absence of other lineage holders in this line, living or passed on.

As you will see, some Saints listed here are in more than one direct lineage.

These lists may not reflect a complete, chronological order or succession but do include lineage holders and their Gurus.


In The Lineage of Lord Shiva – (partial list)

Lord Shiva
Lord Vishnu
Shri Parvati
Shri Saraswati Devi

Jnaneshwar Maharaj

Ishwar Iyer (Bhagawan Nityananda’s Guru)

Bhagawan Nityananda of Ganeshpuri
Tulsi Amma
Muktananda Paramahamsa
Swami Chidvilasananda
Swami Janananda Baba
Sadguru Kedarji
Shaligram Swami
Swami Sadananda Baba
Sitaram Shenoy
Gopal Anna
Hosdurga Devrai Pai
Padmanabh S. Prabhu (Murdeshwar Mama)
Laxman Shah Khoday
Vidydhar Patil
Bapu Rao Khade of Sion
Narayan Bhatji
Kuttiram Swami
Swami Shankar Teertha
Swami Devdas
Swami Karunananda
Govind Swami
Swami Prajnananda
Swami Madhavananda
Lalita Mauli
Shri Sadanand Swami of Tungareshwar
Shri Raghunath Shenoy
Mbala Swami
Professor Shivananda Kamath
M.U. Hatengdi
Swami Prakashananda

Rang Avadhoot
Ranchod Bapuji
Akkalkot Swami
Hari Giri Baba
Swami Shivananda
Ananda Mayi Ma

Lalita Devi

Swami Gangadhar Tirth
Swami Narayan Tirth
Shri Yogananda Maharaj
Swami Shankar Purushottam Tirtha
Swami Vishnu Tirth
Swami Shivom Tirth
Swami Shiv Mangal Tirth

In The Lineage of Shri Shankaracharya – (partial list)

Shri Shankaracharya
Gajadanda Swami
Siddharudha Swami
Muppinarya Swami
Muktananda Paramahamsa
Swami Prakashananda
Swami Shivananda


The following is a partial list of Shaktipat Sadgurus in our Siddha lineage who, as Kedarji’s Guru did, we embrace as being part of our lineage. We do so due to the clear evidence of dramatic apparitions and visions that devotees and disciples of Kedarji have had of these beings, upon receiving Shaktipat from Kedarji, and during their Sadhanas under the spiritual leadership of Kedarji.

Lord Krishna
Shirdi Sai Baba
Swami Vivekananda
Shri Ramkrishna
Shri Sharada Devi
Shri Narada
King Janaka
Shri Ramananda
Eknath Maharaj
Lord Rama
Swami Vishvananda
Guru Nanak


Although not in our lineage of Self-realized Sages, Kedarji honors the following beings who led him in acquiring the knowledge of natural healing and holistic well-being that he has integrated into the Nityananda Shaktipat Yoga curriculum by the will of his Guru.

Michio Kushi, founder of the Macrobiotic movement in America and the Kushi Institute – Kedarji graduated from the Kushi Institute in 1979 with a degree in Oriental Medicine.
Aveline Kushi – taught Kedarji hands-on, energy healing.
Dr. Bernard Jensen – taught Kedarji all about the Microbiome, leaky gut and gut healing and health.
Wataru Ohashi of Ohashi Institute and Health – Kedarji completed his studies in Eastern Medicine here.
Michael Abehsera
Masaaki Yamaguchi, the founder of Souen health.
Anne Marie Colbin – Kedarji studied herbology, botanical medicine and Holistic, Vegan cooking with Anne Marie.
Victor Kulvinskas – Kedarji mentored under him in the study of herbal medicine.
Dr. Alan Hopkins – Kedarji completed his lab masterclass in the study of how to properly read and interpret biomarkers on blood tests and advanced tests.
Dr. Sherri Tenpenny – Kedarji completed her Mastering Vaccine Info bootcamp.


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