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Jnaneshwar Maharaj Amritanubhava is a complete embodiment of Joy in Daily Living.  This is the true meaning of the Mantra Amritanubhava – Joy In Daily Living.  There is a state to be experienced beyond the mind and beyond the senses.  This state we call Witness Consciousness.  There is an indweller, a witness to your mind, also known as the Observer. This Observer is a spiritual, witnessing awareness that is always present.  This Witness or Observer is who you really are. 

Shri Jnaneshwar Maharaj, also known as Jnanadeva, was a great Siddha Guru who knew and taught the importance of employing one’s spiritual witnessing awareness in everyday existence, in order to have an ongoing experience of Joy in daily living. That is the focus of this work – to provide the wisdom necessary for reining in the restless mind in order to experience Joy.

~ From the Introduction

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