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NItyananda Shaktipat Yoga has been established for the sake of seekers of the Truth who want to embrace an approach that will enable them to develop a direct experience of the Self, the Supreme Principle (the energy substratum of all, leading to higher and higher states of spiritual awareness and experience, culminating in the permanent experience of the Ultimate Reality or cause.

In our approach, everything we do is based on our unfolding, people-centered mission. This mission exists to bring people to the realization of the Supreme Principle, by serving their spiritual needs and supporting their daily spiritual practice so that they are fully able to master all the energies of their lives.

It is our sincere wish that all people realize that the Self is the highest nature of Reality and that this Absolute Reality exists in everyone and everything, everywhere; the realization of which destroys all misery and suffering and brings about the attainment of Supreme Love and Devotion, Supreme Peace, Complete Joy and Total Freedom.

To this end, it is our intention to teach, convey and transmit the knowledge and direct experience of the Supreme Principle that dissolves the sense of difference and duality, giving rise to being firmly rooted in ones natural, free state of being at all times.



Donations are made to our public charity, The Bhakta School

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