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Sadguru Kedarji - Shaktipat Meditation

Vibrant Health and Total Well-Being

The Bhakta School, our not-for-profit public charity, has entered into collaboration with Soma Essential Healing, a company established and owned by Sadguru Kedarji. This collaboration brings to our school more than 30 years of combined expertise in experienced teachers, practitioners and wellness researchers in the field of Total Well-Being and Lifestyle Medicine.


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Shaktipat Lineage Holder

Without Grace, The Teachings Are Useless.

One of the remarkable utterances of Sadguru Kedarji, an authentic Shaktipat Master, from the weeklong retreat is that there is a difference between teachings and the instruction and leadership of the Sadguru. Guru's Grace is everything. He also spoke about the necessity to wean the restless mind on to the Self with the “carrot and the stick” approach to imbibing the discipline necessary to break the habit of the mind wandering in worldly distractions.

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Program Leader - The Art Of Inner Transformation

Immense Love!

When we sat in front of Sadguru Kedarji, He gave me a huge burst of Shakti, and there was a visible light or aura around me when Kedarji transmitted that Shakti to me. I was instantly filled with Love....

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