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Why Would I Need to Meditate When I Am So Joyful Surfing?

Video Kedarji Meditate

Video Kedarji Meditate. At times, our staff gets questions from newcomers to our programs and approach. Kedarji answers the question “Why Would I Need to Meditate When I Am So Joyful Surfing?”

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This book is as awe-inspiring as it is practical, and as accessible as it is profound. Absolutely, in the category of best books on Self-realization. As a living model of Humility, Reverence, Devotion, and true spiritual leadership, Kedarji eloquently offers vibrant gems of spiritual wisdom for every seeker of the Truth.

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  1. I’ve read many books, articles, comments, and all kind of description about what the meditation is, or should be like. To be honest I’ve tried many of them with no visible or sensible results. I was disappointed and I lost my hope that I will be ever capable to really meditate. Looks like God heard my cry for a solution and sent me to the real source. For me, as novice, was a miraculous helping hand, a Divine sign.
    This short but complete explanation put a clear light over and dissipate my confusion.
    Thank you Sadguru Kedarji !

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