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Shaktipat Meditation

Shaktipat Meditation

Shaktipat Meditation

After reading this page and viewing the video, you will learn:

  1. What Shaktipat Meditation is and what it is not.
  2. About Sadguru Kedarji.
  3. What Nityananda Shaktipat Yoga is.
  4. How you can get started.

What if you could experience a state of peace and indescribable joy, while calming your restless mind in less than 3 minutes, without years of meditation practice?

What if you could experience unconditional love and compassion for your self and for others while, at the same time, experiencing a state of fearlessness beyond comparison, without years of arduous struggle?

What if you had the inner strength necessary to take on all of life’s challenges with a smile on your face?

Shaktipat Meditation

Shaktipat Meditation is the beginning of all permanent spiritual transformation. It is the underlying spark that leads to all the other forms of lifestyle medicine and transformation that apply to our existence here. In this way, shaktipat meditation carries such great power. You become inspired from within on a daily basis. This form of meditation is taught in Nityananda Shaktipat Yoga, led by Sadguru Kedarji.

Shaktipat Meditation – Happiness Is A Quiet Mind

The purpose of Meditation is to turn the mind within in order to experience your true nature. In The Nityananda Shaktipat Yoga approach, we are taught a unique, proprietary method for the direct experience of unsurpassable Bliss. This allows us to adjust our lives accordingly, so that we can experience and express the Joy of the inner Self at all times.

You are taught this Shaktipat Meditation method by Sadguru Kedarji. It is the easy means of curing the restless mind and invoking healing. You begin with the experience of Witness Consciousness. Witness Consciousness is a state in which you can observe your thoughts and all the activity taking place in the moment, passively. This occurs through an expansion of your spiritual awareness that we refer to as witnessing awareness.

We call this the easy means. You will experience that the many arduous practices of Yoga, extensive Pranayama, etc. are replaced with the spark that ignites the wondrous flame of true meditation. That spark is the Shaktipat Blessing, the full Shakti awakening transmitted by Sadguru Kedarji.

Authentic Shaktipat is transmitted by look, touch, the giving of specific mantras, and/or by the mere will of the Shaktipat Guru. This transmission of Shaktipat removes the karmic obstacles to your having the direct experience of the Self. In this way, it becomes the easy means to turning the mind within.

Try It Now!

You can experience Witness Consciousness Centering. This is our proprietary Shaktipat Meditation method for making the restless mind quiet. It has been developed by our Founder, Sadguru Kedarji. This Shaktipat Meditation method has been proved to make the restless mind silent in under 3 minutes. 

The Verses On Witness Consciousness, by Sadguru Kedarji. All about Shaktipat Meditation.

Shaktipat Meditation - The Verses On Witness Consciousness


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