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Authentic Shaktipat Initiation

Authentic Shaktipat Initiation

What is Shaktipat Initiation?

Keep it here, and you will….

  1. You will gain a better understanding of what Shaktipat initiation is.
  2. Have the tools you need to choose an authentic Shaktipat Guru who is a true spiritual leader.
  3. You will better understand how authentic Shaktipat unfolds.
  4. Learn more about Sadguru Kedarji.

What Is Shaktipat Initiation?

What is Authentic Shaktipat initiation? It is a spiritual awakening of the dormant, spiritual awareness within you that is ignited by the Grace-bestowing power of God transmitted by a Shaktipat Master. Authentic Shaktipat is transmitted by look, touch, the giving of specific mantras, and/or by the mere will of the Shaktipat Guru. Unfortunately, the reference to ‘Shaktipat’ has gone the commercial route of the term ‘Yoga.’ You will find that the reference to this most sacred of blessings has often been bastardized. Calling any energetic transmission experience Shaktipat is like calling aspirin a cure-all for any symptom or disease. We already know that is false! You should avoid this kind of business hype and ploy.

Why Should You Receive This Initiation?

Authentic Shaktipat Initiation is a blessing of Grace that sets you on a trajectory to realize your greatest potential. It awakens a witnessing awareness in you that, with time and practice, delivers you to increased Spiritual Power, an Improved Mental State, Emotional Resilience and Vibrant Health. Sometimes, when people hear the words Shaktipat, spiritual initiation and Guru uttered in the same breath, they are confused or even frightened. Consequently, the many opinions on the Internet that are floated as facts don’t make matters any easier. The truth is we accept and undergo many initiations in life. For example, being welcomed and embraced by a fraternity or sorority in college often means undergoing an initiation.

Maybe you have had your children baptized and this is a widely accepted initiation. Similarly, the ceremony of holy communion in the Catholic tradition is also a widely accepted initiation. If you’ve had training in corporate communication and embrace the underlying culture at your job, you know this als involves a certain initiation. By comparison, attorneys are initiated into the culture of their law firms. In the same way, doctors are initiated into the mindset of the pharmaceutical companies whose product their prognosis often relies upon, to address symptoms of their patients.

What About All Those Rituals We Know and Accept?

Then there are the rituals that you perform every day. Maybe, you don’t recognize them as every bit a ritual as the spiritual ceremony inherent in events like baptism and Shaktipat. For example, what you may  do and comply with to fast track a result in applying for a loan or a new job. Or rituals like coffee and croissants at Starbucks every morning that you take at at the same time. You may even sit at the same table to do so. Or, if you’re like most, you rush home to catch the next episode or a rerun of Breaking Bad –

With the same martini in hand, stirred not shaken, and a lemon rind, not a lemon wedge. While you sit in the same spot in your recliner and not on the coach, at exactly 5 minutes before the start of the show. So that you can catch your favorite Capital One credit card commercial – what’s in your wallet!?

Indeed, these are each just examples of how we accept and fully embrace rituals and initiations in every day life. The only difference between this and Shaktipat is that Shaktipat is an initiation that you may not be familiar with.

We All Want To Be On The Fast Track.

The fast track to success. The fast track to more money or a better career. You can think of the receipt of Shaktipat as fast-tracking a powerful connection with the true YOU – your true nature, your most powerful aspect, your highest Self. Think, for a moment, of the caffeine in coffee, which so many people drink precisely to get a boost, to fast-track the energy they need to get started with their day.

Similarly, what about the music you listen to in order to lift your spirits, calm your tension or get you psyched/pumped to perform better? Maybe you buy E-Z passes to fly through tollbooths, to fast-track your progress in getting from point A to point B. Why? Because you want the greatest convenience. You probably don’t want to be held back or slowed down. Maybe, you attempt to get security clearance passes for airline travel to fast-track getting on planes. And what about those special access passes to ensure you get into your favorite concerts or sporting events with no waiting.

The Easy Means

Just imagine starting at the top rather than the bottom. What is it like to start at the destination, rather than in search of the destination? This is the easy means of authentic Shaktipat and it is offered by Sadguru Kedarji who is a true meditation master.

Shakta Adepts brought the experience and knowledge of what Shaktipat initiation is to the West and Europe. These beings were Shaktipat Masters in a lineage of such beings. They served their own Masters for many years. In this way, they earned their Guru’s Grace. They also earned the authority and power to transmit this most precious Grace-bestowing power of God. People did not know what Shaktipat initiation is before these beings graced our planet! View the video below in which Sadguru Kedarji describes authentic Shaktipat initiation. This initiation comes from a meditation master authorized to transmit this full Kundalini Awakening.

The Leadership of Experts Who Were Sages

These beings also exposed the rest of the world to the scriptures and sacred texts in which authentic Shaktipat initiation is described. Their utterances also describe who can give it. So, any people who claim to know what Shaktipat initiation is would have to have participated in a lineage of Shaktipat Gurus. In this way, they would also have to have spent extended time in the service of such a being. And, before being authorized to give it. Otherwise, they cannot know what Shaktipat is, nor how it is transmitted.

If you want to operate on hearts, do you read a book to acquire that skill? Or, do you mentor under a successful heart surgeon? The true spiritual path led by a Shaktipat Master is no different from these things!

You, the spiritual aspirant, should weigh the right understanding of what authentic Shaktipat is and what it is not. You should do so before making a decision to enter into this most precious initiation and life-transforming gift. Shaktipat is a profound spiritual awakening that begins the easy path to permanent spiritual progress and Liberation.

View the video on this page and Download The Shaktipat Education & Resource Guide – Authentic Shaktipat and Who Can Give It, By Sadguru Kedarji, Free.

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