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Course 105 – For Adults.

Attachment Brings Suffering.

This is Part 3 of a three-part course.

A person lives in his/her desires, hopes and fantasies, but who knows what will happen next? Attachment, attraction and aversion cause one to live in a state of constant apprehension and anxiety over the past and the future. Attachment prevents us from being fully present in the moment, and the present moment is the only time that we can experience a change in us that allows for experiencing the Self, the Joy of the true Heart in all its glory.

In this 3-part course, beginning with Part 1, Kedarji will lead us in an examination of what Attachment is and how we can rise above its debilitating chokehold on us, to realize the Love and Freedom of the present moment.

Topics for this course will be taken from the understandings that have been offered by Kedarji through intensives, talks and the presentation of the utterances of the Self-realized Love beings of our Shiva lineage.

For seekers of the Truth who want to end their seeking with permanent spiritual transformation, this course is a must.

View a short introduction to this mini course.

Enrollment Donation – Advance Enrollment Required.

$49.95 per person, for Part 3. You can attend Part 3, even if you have not taken previous parts of this mini course.

All parts of this course will be taught by Sadguru Kedarji.


Part 3. Two consecutive Thursday evenings. December 15th and December 22nd.



This course will take place in Erie, PA. Our programs are offered at the Whole Foods Coop community center and other, similar locations in Erie. Once your enrollment is processed, you will receive an email with all course details and the address of the location.

**Program note for the handicapped: Some of our event locations in Erie are handicapped accessible. Others are not completely handicapped accessible. If the event location for the date you have reserved for is not completely handicapped accessible, we will arrange for two attendants to help you in and out of the entrance, without your having to get out of your wheelchair. When you make your reservation, please indicate in the comment field the nature of your handicap so that we can make advance arrangements for accessibility, when necessary.

LIVE WEBCAST. This course will also be webcast live over the internet. After you have enrolled, you will receive an email confirmation that contains all the information for logging on to the live webcast.

To convert the time to see what time this webcast will occur in your time zone, click here. If you have not done so already, please view the technical requirements for viewing our internet webcasts before enrolling. Once you have enrolled, you will receive an email with instructions for logging on to the webcast for the course.


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