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Is This a Cult?

At times, our staff gets questions from newcomers to our programs and approach. Kedarji answers the question “Is This a Cult?”

Witness Consciousness is the means to understand the nature of your mind and that Witness to your mind that exists beyond your mind and beyond your senses. The Verses On Witness Consciousness is one of the best books on Meditation in the field.

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  1. Thank you Kedarji,
    wonderful explanation.
    I am amazed at how many people are living in a social cult and are brainwashed, but are naming to be a cult, exactly a true path of freedom and liberation from all false identities. Exactly what will put them in their own true seat of power, they call it control,cult, etc.

    1. Excellent explanation. I didn’t know Dr. Phil was an actor. I’ve been in Siddha lineage for 43 years and I’m very happy with results. The mantra and meditation works. This is not a cult…it’s your own inner Self. One doesn’t need a book or a temple ……..just meditate and your true potential will unfold. Persistent effort is the key. Thank you. M.Wright, Canada.

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