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Contents and Introduction

Excerpts of The Verses

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Books On Meditation

Witness Consciousness is the means to understand the nature of your mind and that Witness to your mind that exists beyond your mind and beyond your senses. The Verses On Witness Consciousness is one of the best books on Meditation in the field. Witness Consciousness Centering is a proprietary meditation method for making the restless mind quiet in under 3 minutes, while giving the full experience of the power of the present moment, in every moment of your life. The Palace of Peace is their, beyond your mind and beyond your senses. The ocean of Joy and the inner strength necessary to take on life’s challenges is there, beyond your mind and beyond your senses.

True Meditation

There are many ‘meditation techniques’ touted every where. Spirituality meditation books are common. However, to find one in which true meditation is taught, is rare. True meditation is that which takes you beyond the mind and beyond the senses, to experience the highest power, the Self. This is the sacred space of the Witness where there is nothing but Joy, Peace and Supreme Love.

Spirituality Meditation Books

Indeed, what makes meditation true is that it has nothing to do with vision boards as many books on meditation state. True meditation has nothing to do with any kind of rumination or reverie on people, places and things. True meditation delivers you to a state of Grace in which, over time, you become happy for no good reason. This is the greatest of meditation techniques. You experience a state of indescribable Joy, regardless of circumstances. You rest in peace and content whether your ego perceives a person, place or thing to be pleasurable or painful, comfortable or not. This alone is Freedom.

As spirituality meditation books go, this phenomenal little book shows you how to access that power!

spirituality meditation books
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