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What Is A Spiritual Guru?

Sadguru Kedarji
Nityananda Shaktipat Yoga – Spiritual Path
What Is A Spiritual Guru and Why Is A Guru Necessary?

If I’m A Good Boy/Girl,
Will I Get Blessings For What I Want?
What Is Guru’s Grace?

The Grace Interview With Sadguru Kedarji

What Is A Spiritual Guru? Nityananda Shaktipat Yoga Is A Spiritual Path That Answers This Question.

After viewing the videos on this page and reading the content, you will:

  1. Learn how to find an authentic spiritual guru.
  2. Be taught how to recognize a Sadguru who is qualified to mentor you in spiritual life.
  3. You will know what steps to take to find your spiritual master and spiritual path.
  4. Understand the importance of Grace for permanent spiritual transformation.
  5. Learn more about Nityananda Shaktipat Yoga.

Moreover, you can find a Guru who is more than just a spiritual teacher. Finding a spiritual guru who has the ability to lead you to permanent spiritual transformation is important. For this purpose, treading an authentic spiritual path that delivers permanent results is also essential.

Who Can Be A Spiritual Guru?

First, remember this; The Shaktipat Sadguru is equal to you in Divinity because God exists equally in everyone and everything, everywhere. So, Shaktipat Gurus are only different from you in one respect. They have attained that which you are seeking. Therefore, the difference is one of attainment, not of equality. Realizing the Self requires the developed ability to tap into and merge with that Divinity, that energy substratum of everything. Shaktipat Sadgurus have mastered this ability where others may not yet have done so. In this regard, the Siddhas, the true Gurus simply want to make you like themselves in this unfolding mastery.

To begin with, you can find your spiritual path by seeking out a spiritual master. Additionally, that master should be one who has served another spiritual guru over a period of many years. Therefore, find a spiritual guru whose spiritual attainment has been thoroughly tested by another. As an example, if you want to be a great athlete, do you study with someone who is not? Additionally, if you want to be a great scientist, do you mentor under one who is not? Finally, if you want to be a great performing artist, do you study with someone who does not have many years experience as a renowned performing artist? No. Similarly, the same applies to your search for an authentic spiritual guru.

Verifiable History?

To be clear, you find a true spiritual path and Guru by looking for a spiritual master with a verifiable history of strong spiritual leadership. You should look for a history in leading others to permanent spiritual attainment. Also, it’s important that the spiritual master has a history of giving people a direct experience of what is being taught. In spiritual life, you will find that intellectual knowledge becomes useless very quickly. Lasting experience is everything. You can’t argue with experience. In the same way, you find a spiritual guru, by asking yourself the following: “Does this being have followers who can attest to permanent spiritual transformation by way of experience?” “Does the master have a verifiable track record of leading people to permanent spiritual transformation?” “Is the spiritual path time-honored?”

Accordingly, because this is so important, find more information about an authentic Sadguru.

Do You Get Lasting Results?

Indeed, to find a Sadguru requires that you evaluate whether or not the methods are effective. Therefore, you must have deepening experiences of joy, inner peace, content and a quiet mind from what the Spiritual Guru instructs. You should ask; “Does the instruction and spiritual practice offered anchor me in these states?” First, you should follow the instruction of the spiritual guru over an extended period of time. Next, you should ask yourself, “Are the methods I am being taught leading me to experience permanent spiritual transformation when I follow them as instructed?” “Do I experience the Grace-bestowing power of God when in the Master’s presence, and even when not in his presence?

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