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The Mirror of The Guru

The Mirror Of The Guru

The Shakti Brings Out The Best and The Worst In People

Nityananda Shaktipat Yoga is part of a long, unbroken and time-honored lineage of Sages of steady wisdom, all of whom were Shaktipat Gurus. Ours is the sacred, Parampara lineage of Lord Shiva in which the Grace, Blessings and instruction for permanent spiritual transformation and Liberation has been handed down from Guru to Disciple in an unbroken, oral tradition.

At the heart of this is the Grace-Bestowing power of God transmitted by the living Guru which begins the Shaktipat Kriya Process, also known as Sadhana. This is an often mystical but always dynamic, spontaneous process of rooting out and destroying all the karmic obstacles we have built against our Freedom and evolution to merge in the Self. 

The mirror of the Guru that Sadguru Kedarji speaks about so often, connected to the Shaktipat Kriya Process, is elucidate in this straight-forward, easy to understand video offered by staff teacher and Board member, Amanda Harkness. Amanda works in the field of marketing and also enjoys music and gardening.

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