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The Exceptional Learning Series

The Next ELS Series, Part 1 begins on January 19, 2019
and will run once each month – January through December!

The Exceptional Learning Series is offered to those who recognize the value of and want to adopt a spiritual lifestyle in order to embrace permanent spiritual transformation now. It is based on the science of Kashmir Shaivism and integrated into our approach by Sadguru Kedarji.

If you want to attain permanent spiritual transformation at a livelier pace, without wasting time, and are willing to perform the inner work necessary, this series of courses is essential.

In order to apply for this course series you must have taken, at least, one weekend Shaktipat Blessing Retreat in the last three years.

Emphasis is placed on helping you to establish a discipline in daily spiritual practice that is focused on a bond of power between you, the Devotee and Kedarji. In addition, the application of the oral teachings of the Self-realized beings of our Shiva lineage to your life is extremely important for becoming established in the Bliss of the inner Self.

The oral tradition of the Shakta Adepts of our Shiva lineage contains the secrets to making this journey. This allows you to attain the highest, to realize your true worth. What awaits you is the experience of losing yourself in the Abode of the Heart.

These courses are for those who want to make permanent spiritual transformation a top priority in their lives. People attending these courses learn how to master all the energies of their lives in favor of becoming established in the true Heart.

The Exceptional Learning Series meets on a weekend day, every other month, over a period of several months. These courses are offered to those who have met certain prerequisites and have taken, at least, one weekend meditation retreat.

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A Sample of Course Experience Shares

“When I first entered the The Exceptional Learning Series of courses, I referred to the teachings and practices I was taught in these courses as the “meat and potatoes” of The Art of Inner Transformation. To this day, this is still how I feel. These courses provide the essential understandings, practices and secrets to gaining the deeper understanding of this approach.

Every month, at the end of each course, I can’t wait for the next course. Everything I learn makes more than just sense. Between courses, I practice and apply what we have been taught and I experience the proof in my life that it is the Truth about life, love and the joy of the true Heart that I am gaining. I leave these courses singing the mantra, Om Namah Shivaya, and knowing, deep within my heart, that I have come home.”
~ Stephanie Charles, Zelienople PA

“In the Exceptional Learning Series, we meet regularly in small, group settings under the guidance of Kedarji, to imbibe the teachings of the great masters of our lineage. The teachings of our lineage require more than simply intellectual study. When presented by a Shakta adept like Kedarji, they are enlivened with the Shakti of the lineage. Our own awareness is raised to a vibratory level wherein we can begin to experience the truth of the teachings for ourselves, in the laboratory of our own existence. In this way, the Exceptional Learning Series provides experiential knowledge, not just intellectual knowledge.

We bring with us a number of obstacles to leading a spiritual lifestyle and to fully aligning ourselves with Grace. These obstacles are our own past karmas on which our mental conditioning is based, and the limited understandings that result from them. For me, these courses have provided the tools and experiences necessary to release these old, limiting mental conditionings and understandings, and to gradually replace them with higher understandings. Through recognizing and applying these higher understandings and practices, I find myself experiencing the bliss of the Self on a daily basis. Even when immersed in my daily activities, when I remember to apply the teachings taught in these courses, I experience the bliss of the Self and prove to myself the Truth of the teachings.

The Exceptional Learning Series is also an opportunity to receive personalized guidance from a Living Shakta Adept, and to grow and bond with fellow students in our spiritual community. As students in these courses, we have become close friends, as well as fellow Bhaktas in our spiritual community, and we often discuss and share our experiences together. The support of a spiritual community, along with the direct and personalized guidance from Kedarji, has made it possible for me to remain faithful to my daily practice, and to continue to deepen my immersion in and experience of the blissful play of the Divine Shiva-Shakti power.”
~ David Gottlieb, Jefferson Hills, PA

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