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Spiritual Autobiography of Sadguru Kedarji

This is the spiritual autobiography of Sadguru Kedarji. This awe-inspiring book maps his spiritual journey to God-realization. Sadguru Kedarji attained Self-realization by the Grace and Blessing of his own Guru, Muktananda Paramahamsa. He completed his Sadhana and the tests of his Guru during more than 18 years of service to his Master. He is a lineage holder in the great Shiva lineage of Bhagawan Nityananda of Ganeshpuri.

Spiritual Autobiography of Sadguru Kedarji


His journey to spiritual transformation and God-realization has inspired so many to take up the path embodied in Nityananda Shaktipat Yoga approach and the methods that Kedarji now leads people in. 

Keeping the company of Sadguru Kedar is a blessing where one can experience the power of Grace that embodies permanent spiritual transformation. Those who spend time in his presence find their lives permanently transformed for the better. His ability to help us access the true knowledge and experience of why we are here is as profound today as in ancient times. To cross paths with him is no accident. People have said to do so is a Divine gift that sets them on a journey to the abode of the heart, a place of lasting joy and peace.

Kedar, also affectionately called Kedarji, is recognized for his masterful companionship as a spiritual mentor whose identification with the Self is uninterrupted. He was initiated into the Shiva lineage of Bhagawan Nityananda of Ganeshpuri, became a disciple and then served his Master and the lineage for 18 years.

“In the twilight of my life I have had the darshan of Shri Bhagawan Nityananda in reading the pages of this book!”

~ Professor K. Shivananda Kamath, Hosdurg, Kanhangad, Kerala, India

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Spiritual Autobiography of Sadguru Kedarji – Reader Experience Share

Of all the books I own, the spiritual autobiography of Sadguru Kedarji, Vibration of Divine Consciousness, is my favorite. This was the first book by Sadguru Kedarji that I read years ago, and it continues to be the most-referenced book when I need inspiration on my own spiritual journey. Through Sadguru Kedarji’s story of his own Sadhana, I am able to inculcate a better understanding as to “the whys” when I feel stuck in my Sadhana.

There have been numerous times that I have faced a tendency I am trying to overcome. Whenever I open Vibration of Divine Consciousness, I find exactly the answer I need—whether that answer is a better understanding for me to hold in the moment, an example of something similar that Sadguru Kedarji previously overcame, or a verse to contemplate deeper to understand why I am facing that particular tendency. In fact, I have utilized—and continue to utilize—this book so much, that I’ve had to purchase a second paperback and download a digital copy!  

This book is full of incredible wisdom, passed down from spiritual Master to disciple for centuries. Vibration of Divine Consciousness can be easily read and understood by anyone, from the individual just beginning to manifest a curiosity in spirituality, to the pundit who has studied sacred texts for years.

~ Jamie Walker, Georgetown, TX

Spiritual Autobiography of Sadguru Kedarji – Reader Experience Share

In this spiritual autobiography of Sadguru Kedarji, Vibration of Divine Consciousness, Sadguru Kedarji shares his journey to spiritual transformation. He shares the experiences that led him to meet and receive the Divine Blessing of Grace, known as Shaktipat, from his Guru. He also shares the many trials and tests he endured in the process. I found it especially helpful to read about the “god trap.”

The “god trap” is the false notion that God is the product of my thinking and fantasizing. It is the false notion that there is a God of convenience who wants me to continue to pursue worldly desires and cravings, all in an attempt to avoid pain. I used to pride myself on being a “spiritual mutt,” a “melting pot” of spiritual ideas and practices. Considering myself to be a spiritual person, I never had the direct experience of God’s Love or Bliss. It wasn’t until I met Sadguru Kedarji and began reading Vibration of Divine Consciousness that I began to realize how deep down the rabbit hole of the “god trap” I really was.

Fortunately, by receiving Sadguru Kedarji’s Shaktipat Blessing and being led through the Shaktipat Kriya Process, or Sadhana, I am being led out of the “god trap.” I am being led into the direct experience of God’s Bliss and Love. I am having incredible, indescribable experiences that can be had by anyone who is willing to follow the expert leadership of a Self-realized Love Being like Sadguru Kedarji. He has merged in that final state and shares his journey in Vibration of Divine Consciousness. Especially when I first started attending programs and didn’t know very much about Sadguru Kedarji or this path, Vibration of Divine Consciousness answered so many of the questions I had – and even ones that I didn’t think to ask yet! Four years into this path, and his words in his autobiography are just as applicable today as when I first started attending programs.

~ Amanda Harkness, Erie, PA

Spiritual Autobiography of Sadguru Kedarji – Reader Experience Share

When my daughter was younger, I would read parts of Vibration of Divine Consciousness to her. Every night, she would ask me to read to her from the that book. Just a little more, one more story. Every time I read to her, she would sleep soundly and was content both at night and the next morning.  Also, the more I read the book to her, the more I would realize that I had missed information from portions I had read earlier.  It was as if someone had added a little to the book between the times I would read from it!

At times when I have read Vibration of Divine Consciousness, I experienced such a powerful transmission of Shakti that I spontaneously began meditating.

Vibration of Divine Consciousness contains a treasure trove of personal insights into the spiritual journey of Sadguru Kedarji.  I have referred to Kedarji’s autobiography several times to help me understand my own spiritual transformation. I have found things eloquently described in the book that are similar to experiences I have had.

~ Ben Tucker, Parkland, FL

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