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What Is The Principle and Practice of The Arc?

TUESDAY, APRIL 30th @8:30pm ET.

Here in Nityananda Shaktipat Yoga we practice the Yoga Science of the God-realized Love Beings of our lineage of Sages. This is an exact, time-honored science that has been proved to get results, over and over again. 

We are blessed to have some excellent, certified staff teachers. Staff teaches uphold the integrity of our offering through the direct application of what is taught to their daily lives, and by the testing of their attainment of same. These teachers are volunteers who offer their love and donate their time to supporting our mission.

On April 30th, staff teacher and Disciple of Sadguru Kedarji, Jamie Walker, will be interviewed live. She be be speaking about her experiences and application of one of our most important principles and practices – that of The Arc.

Understandings Always Dictate Feelings

You are so conditioned. It is this conditioning that causes you to conceal your true nature from yourself.

The understandings you reach for will always dictate how you feel in the moment. How you feel from moment-to-moment always determines how you are vibrating – what you are putting out or projecting into Consciousness. In all circumstances, that determines who and what you attract into your life. So, it’s really important to examine and become aware of the understandings you reach for, often without without questioning them, that have held you back from making permanent spiritual progress.

In this webinar, you will experience:

  1. What the principle and practice of The Arc is.
  2. Personal experience shares of the power of the practice of The Arc.
  3. How the practice of The Arc can improve your spiritual journey, permanently.


Give Yourself 45 Minutes To Understand This Powerful, Freeing Practice! Register Now! 

What if you had a set of understandings that you consistently reached for – understandings from which you experience Joy, Peace, Happiness and an inner strength that frees you from the prison of the restless mind and the roller coaster of emotions?

Find out in this exclusive interview with Jamie Walker, in which she shares her experiences of The Arc.

Program Leader - Nityananda Shaktipat Yoga

Webinar hosted by Kambra McConnel who serves on the Board of Directors of our public charity, The Bhakta School of Transformation. Jamie Walker lives in Georgetown, TX and works as a supervisor in a local agency that addresses abused and neglected children.

View Replays of Live Webinars Here!

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