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Meditation - Shaktipat - Sadguru Kedarji

Is your mind restless?
Is your busy lifestyle impacting your well being?

Learn the daily rituals of the spiritually powerful, happiest and healthiest people on the planet!
Inspired Living Through Permanent Spiritual Transformation & Total Well-Being!

Lifestyle Medicine for Total Well-Being – FREE


In this exclusive, live webinar interview, certified Soma Essential Healing practitioner Deana Tareshawty will be discussing the importance of Emotional Resilience for wellness and vibrant health of the physical body.

In this webinar, you will be taught:

  1. What Emotional Resilience Is
  2. How Increased Emotional Resilience Improves Your Well-Being
  3. How To Attain A State of Permanent Emotional Resilience

JUNE 20th @7:30pm

Give Us 45 Minutes and We’ll Start Your Transformation To Total Well-Being! Register Now! 

Shaktipat Lineage Holder

Program Leader - The Art of Inner Transformation

Webinar hosted by Jamie Walker who serves on the Board of Directors of our public charity, The Bhakta School. She lives in Georgetown, TX and works as a supervisor in a local agency that addresses abused and neglected children.

Our guest, Deana Tareshawty holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communications and a double minor in Biology and Chemistry. She is a certified Soma Essential Healing practitioner and the owner of Inspired Life Healing. She is also a trained Reiki Master in Usui Reiki.

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