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“O seekers after knowledge of perfection, the very eye of your eye, where the void comes to an end, the Blue Pearl, pure, sparkling, radiant, that which opens the center of repose when it arises, is the great place of the conscious Self. Look, my brother, this is the hidden secret of this experience. This is what Parashiva, the primal Lord, told Parvati. Jnanadeva says, I saw this through the grace of my Sadguru Nivrittinath.”
~ Jnaneshwar Maharaj, sharing his own experience after the receipt of Shaktipat from his Guru.

Many in our approach, by the Grace of the living Shaktipat Guru, have had the experience of The Blue Bindu, also known as Neela Bindu or The Blue Pearl. This experience is also referred to in many of the sacred texts. Kedarji’s Guru revealed his state by briefly describing it and then granting his Grace so that many could experience it for themselves. The experience of The Blue Pearl in Meditation is a hallmark of authentic Shaktipat and is a tremendous blessing in Sadhana that bears great fruit in the final journey to Liberation.

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