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The greed disease is destroying our world. If you are a parent raising children, look your children in the face every day and ask yourself what will they have to face as they grow up if you don’t act now, individually and collectively, to reign in greed? If you don’t have children of your own, go to the nearest school playground, watch the children playing, and then ask yourself what will they have to face as they grow up if you don’t act now?

Greed – noun, “Excessive or rapacious desire, especially for wealth or possessions.”

Rapacious – adjective, “Given to seizing for plunder or the satisfaction of greed.”

Our world has gone mad with the greed disease. Greed even overlooks and defies logic. To see it, you need only to open your eyes. It is also an unfortunate fact that people believe that you can be greedy and still have justice for all. You cannot. It’s either one or the other, but both cannot coexist.

Any society built on greed is a society built on lies. The greedy will politicize greed, in attempts to get us to act on emotions rather than facts. Statements made to excuse the collective actions of the greedy cannot be trusted. Such statements undermine the common good.

This book is dedicated to the fact that, in order to reverse the horrible effects of greed, both individually and collectively, sacrifice will required – as in ‘short-term pain for long-term gain.’ The word sacrifice actually means to make holy. In Truth, there is no pain in sacrifice. There is only joy and practical wisdom in the effects of that sacrifice. Sacrificing greed in favor of the common good is a sacrifice we must all make now.

First we must address the disease of greed within each of us. Then we must protect those who have done so against the collective actions of those who have not – collective actions that weaken and threaten to destroy the common good.

For the Love of God, we must first overcome our love of greed. This is a matter of social and spiritual awareness and social responsibility. We must change and expand this awareness without demonizing others for weaknesses we all possess. This is entirely possible now, and there is no time to waste in doing so.

There may be those who, out of fear and loathing, will falsely interpret what is offered here as being a ‘call to arms’ against monetary wealth. In no way does this book speak about or even infer that the monetarily wealthy are evil and should be attacked. I have had personal relationships with people who have earned their millions honorably and ethically, while giving back to the common good through their philanthropic efforts. Such people are a blessing to society.

In this book, examples are given of research and events in recent history, to support statements made. Many of these examples are of things that took place in America. This is so, only because it is the country in which I reside. These events and situations that the research points to are a global challenge, and not just indicative of America.

No one should misunderstand that the presence of any statement here amounts to an attack on the United States or the American way of life, for it is not. It is not an attack on the American dream either. It is an attack on greed which is prevalent everywhere, due to the inner state of the masses. The destruction of greed in support of righteousness and the common good is the best dream. For it is a dream that, once realized, will free us all.

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