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Chapter 1

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The human species is at risk. Our Liberty is being forced into extinction. And this is intentional. The declared pandemic, the proposed global pandemic treaty, the attacks on our health freedom, the recurring fraud of usury in our monetary system and the push for digital IDs and central bank digital currency – these are measures to support a global agenda for the socio-economic control of the masses by the wealthy elite and big government. If we allow their implementation, these measures will be irreversible. This is the globalist threat to our freedom and God-given rights.

These barriers dissolve when we embrace Equality Consciousness and recognize the importance of respecting and honoring each other by seeing God in each other. Then we can act accordingly in our daily mundane existence to protect and nurture Human Dignity and the sacredness of all of life here. This is Dharma, our duty to each other. It is the only way forward.

bhagawan nityananda of ganeshpuri
bhagawan nityananda of ganeshpuri
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