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A Quiet Mind In Under Three Minutes!

A Quiet Mind In Under Three Minutes!


WATCH THIS MEDITATION VIDEO NOW! Silence your mind in under 3 minutes with this video from Sadguru Kedarji!

How often during your day is your mind silent?
How often is your mind free of anxiety, frustration and worry? Or have you come to accept that these are just a normal part of life?
How often do you experience Love and Joy in such a way that your mind becomes so quiet that you are left in a state of Awe?

Inside you there is an ocean of happiness, an ocean of joy. To become established in that ocean, to swim in it, that is Meditation. Here our focus is learning to meditate on that ocean of peace that is beyond the mind and beyond the senses.

Happiness Is A Quiet Mind

Witness Consciousness is what we refer to as the state of the Observer or Watcher. It is the direct experience of witnessing awareness, a spiritual awareness in which you are able to watch your thoughts, emotions, notions, etc. come and go passively, without judgment and without any reaction or response that allows for agitation of the mind.

Witnessing awareness takes you beyond the mind and beyond the senses to a state in which you are able to observe that source from which all thoughts arise, are sustained and withdrawn. The practice of Witness Consciousness centering allows you to watch your mind.

The purpose of practicing Witness Consciousness centering is to begin to make the restless mind quiet, to silence the mind’s agitation, in order to experience the no mind state in which Peace and Joy well up spontaneously from within. We accomplish this in an approach that most people experience the state of meditation, with little or no thoughts, in under three minutes!

From this Palace of Peace, you are able to meditate spontaneously, and in a way that begins to silence your mind very quickly. Witness Consciousness Centering is taught in many of our programs, and is combined with chanting and the joy of song.

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