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The Power of The Supreme ‘I’ – What A Retreat!!

The Power Of The Supreme ‘I’ – What A Retreat!!
Meditation Retreats With Sadguru Kedarji.

What a retreat!! Nityananda Shaktipat Yoga – Weeklong Shaktipat Meditation Retreat with Sadguru Kedarji was a profound and life-changing experience.
In this video, hear what students have to say.

Meditation Retreats 

Meditation retreats with Sadguru Kedarji are extraordinary privileges to immerse yourself in the Grace-bestowing power of a Shakta Adept and Shaktipat Guru. Our weeklong retreats are very special times of solitude, serenity and joy! Here in Nityananda Shaktipat Yoga, we have proved, effective methods for helping you to experience true Happiness. Then we help you to reach for that Happiness with proven methods, in order to break your Karmic habits of settling for less.

This is what you do. You settle for less than what happiness is. Then you accept satisfaction as happiness. This is how you settle for less, when there is tremendous wealth within you that is yours to claim. That inner wealth is a palace of Peace, Love and Joy. In Nityananda Shaktipat Yoga, our entire focus of methods, instruction and leadership is to get you to arrive and become established in that Happiness. It is so inspiring, so uplifting and so permanent!

Another very important pillar of the foundation for Nityananda Shaktipat Yoga approach is Joy! Contained within you, there is this wonderful treasure of Joy. It is a profound state of Bliss that is already there inside you. This is your wealth. It is who you are. This Joy is a limitless sky of Peace and Content. You can experience it for yourself when you go beyond your mind and beyond your senses. Here we employ proved, effective methods for making the restless mind quiet, for turning your mind within, so that it can begin to dissolve in this ocean of Joy that is already there within you. It’s a treasure that you already own, but have lost.

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