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meditation cleveland ohio

The Nityananda Shaktipat Yoga curriculum includes 4 pillars of Total Well-Being.

Wouldn’t you like to lead a lifestyle of spiritual happiness and vibrant health?

Learn 4 ways to attain this lifestyle, without having to struggle and practice at it for years! ONE NIGHT ONLY! You will be taught:

  • A unique meditation method proved to calm the restless mind in less than 3 minutes!
  • A proved method for improving your mental state, immediately!
  • A proved method for getting off the emotional roller coaster!
  • An introduction to vibrant health!

The power of SPIRITUAL COMMUNITY to nurture well-being and permanent spiritual transformation is far greater than videos on YouTube, books, or hibernating at home with your yoga mat! Come Join Us!

Inspired Living The Yoga of The Siddhas.
Come Join Us! – One Evening Only – 6:50-8:30pm

New Location Coming Soon!

There is a suggested donation of $10 per person
collected at the door. **Handicapped accessible.

Meditation Cleveland Ohio – Total Well-Being

Nityananda Shaktipat Yoga is a curriculum for meditation Cleveland Ohio that offers proved meditation methods and proved methods for permanent spiritual transformation. Also offered is an effective pathway for inspired living through total well-being. Programs, retreats and courses designed by Sadguru Kedarji are offered for you to experience a new dimension in permanent spiritual transformation, inspired living and total well-being. All are welcome! These events are led by certified program leaders of Nityananda Shaktipat Yoga. These events are designed to give first-timers an experience of what is in store for you when you engage our school’s curriculum.

meditation cleveland ohio

We Will Be Back In Cleveland
In January. Join Us In Youngstown!

Inspired Living Through
The Yoga of The Siddhas


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