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Meditation Austin Texas

The Nityananda Shaktipat Yoga curriculum includes 4 pillars of Total Well-Being.

1. Spiritual Power 2. Improved Mental State 3. Emotional Resilience 4. Vibrant Health of The Physical Body

The last 3 are integrated into the first to provide you with a complete, 1-stop experience to end your seeking on all levels – to secure your transformation to Total Well-Being. View the video below for what some students of our school have to say about their experience of these 4 pillars.

Introduction To Sadguru Kedarji’s
Shaktipat Blessing

Program Leader - The Art of Inner Transformation

Jamie Walker – Event Manager
Austin, Texas

Jamie Walker sits on our Board of Directors and manages planned events for the greater Austin, TX area. View some of her Blogs for her experiences participating in The Art of Inner Transformation by using the links below.

Immense Love!

Why Should Anyone Trust In A Guru?


Meditation Austin Texas

Niytananda Shaktipat Yoga is a curriculum for Meditation Austin Texas that offers proved meditation methods for inspired living. Programs, retreats and courses, designed by Sadguru Kedarji are offered for you to experience a new dimension in permanent spiritual transformation, inspired living and total well-being. All are welcome! These events are led by certified program leaders and students of Nityananda Shaktipat Yoga. These events are designed to give first-timers an experience of what is in store for you when you engage our school’s curriculum.

Sadguru Kedarji will be coming to Austin soon! In the meantime, a webinar series will be scheduled for Fall 2018. So, be sure to subscribe!

Meditation Austin Texas


  • Learn of The Benefits of The Nityananda Shaktipat Yoga Curriculum.
  • Learn More About Sadguru Kedarji.
  • Experience our Witness Consciousness Centering Method For Making The Restless Mind Quiet In Under 3 Minutes.
  • Experience The Power of Mantra Yoga.
  • Experience the Power of Chanting Mantras In The Joy of Song.
  • Learn More About Our Weekend Shaktipat Blessing Retreats.

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meditation austin texas
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