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Shiva Nataraj - Nityananda Shaktipat Yoga

“To contemplate the form of one’s own Guru is to contemplate infinite Shiva.
To sing the glory of the Guru’s name is to sing the glory of infinite Shiva” ~ Shri Guru Gita

Gurupurnima – the full moon of the Guru, is a reference to the Light and Love of the Guru’s Grace that dispels the conflict created by remaining stuck in the restless mind and slavery to the senses – the conflict that prevents the attainment of our inner knowing of the Highest.

It is the Beloved who seeks the Beloved. The relationship between the living Sadguru and the spiritual aspirant who seeks the inner knowing of the Truth can be understood in this way.

To a worldly person who is attached to the restless mind and slavery to the senses, a celebration of a living Saint may appear to be something of a cult. But, what about the cult you are already in that causes your eyesight to be in conflict with your inner knowing? So, Gurupurnima is a celebration of the spiritual leadership and Grace that enables us to open our eyes to the knowledge of our true nature, the Self, God.

“One must seek the shortest route and fastest means to get back home, to turn one’s inner spark into a blaze and then to merge and identify with that greater fire that ignited the spark.” ~ Bhagawan Nityananda of Ganeshpuri

For seekers of the Truth, how can this be accomplished to bring an end to one’s seeking and the flood of one’s karmas?

**Reservations must be made in advance, even if you have attended programs before. 


Wednesday, July 13, 2022, 7-9pm EST – Gurupurnima Celebration With Sadguru Kedarji
@Nileshwar Shaktipat Meditation, Well-Being & Spiritual Retreat Center in Youngstown, Ohio.

Every year, the fullest moon of the year that occurs in July is offered to the living Spiritual Master who is the Grace-bestowing power of the Supreme Principle. This is a very auspicious time in which we hear of and experience what it means to want what the living Master has to give, to want the Guru’s state, and how That is attained.

This year, the devotees in our spiritual community are offering this program to celebrate their spiritual companion and leader, Sadguru Kedarji, and our lineage of Self-realized Love beings, the great Shakta Adepts.

To worship the Self, to love the Self, to experience the Self and to merge with that Supreme Principle requires direct knowledge and understanding of who the spiritually-perfected companion in the Shakta Adept really is. In today’s world that is full of distractions, attachment, attraction and aversion, we need spiritual leadership and the Blessing of Grace in order to retrace our steps back to God.

Understanding and experiencing the Grace-bestowing power at work through the catalyst in the living Sadguru holds the key to understanding the transformative power and Grace at the heart of all permanent spiritual transformation.

Sadguru Kedarji will join us for this event. In this wonderful program, through the examination of the instruction and practices aimed at imbibing Grace rather than sabotaging it, we will experience Nityananda Shaktipat Yoga to gain a deeper understanding of how to live in a state of Grace.

**Advance reservations are required for these events, even if you have attended programs before. This is an annual fundraiser for our school. Tickets are $50 per person. If attending at Nileshwar Hall in Youngstown, you can make your donation at the door.

***For those living outside the region who are unable to travel, this event will be video webcast live.

Reserve Seat At Nileshwar Hall

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The great sage Vyasa, also known as Vedavyasa or Krishna Dvaipāyana, the being who created the written recording of the Vedas, Puranas, Srimad Bhagavatam and Mahabharata, had many devotees and disciples. The inner experience of these devotees in attaining permanent spiritual transformation was so strong that, one day, his devotees approached Vyasa.

They stated that they had entered into a number of discussions to determine how they could adequately repay him for his Grace and the spiritual leadership they had received. They were not able to come up with a suitable repayment for all they had received. So, as a group, they asked Vyasa, “How can we repay you for all you have given us and the incredible Grace that you have extended for our needs?”

After contemplating their question, Vyasa responded that the best way they could repay him is by engaging in an annual celebration of some kind that would act as a reminder of the importance of the Living Master as a catalyst and leader in the destruction of the karmas that prevent the devotee from realizing his/her true nature by Grace.

The devotees then offered the first annual celebration that has now come to be known as Gurupurnima in many spiritual traditions and approaches. This annual celebration of the Sadguru and Guru-principle has been offered every year, on the fullest moon of the year in July, since Vyasa’s time.

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