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Diwali – The Festival of Light

We warmly invite you to attend our sacred celebration of Diwali, on Wednesday, November 3rd, 2021 from 7-9pm, ET (with Prasad served at 5:45pm. **This is an annual fundraiser for our school.


Diwali is also known as the Festival of Lights and is the celebration to the Goddess Lakshmi that takes place every year at this time. It is also part of a 4-day celebration in honor of Lord Rama and Sita’s triumphant return to Ayodhya, after the demon king Ravana was defeated.

Lakshmi is an aspect of the Shiva-Shakti power, an aspect of God’s Grace. She represents God-Realization, material abundance/wealth, beauty and sustenance. She is also the force that combines these aspects in perfect harmony so that lovers of God can experience a balanced prosperity in their lives, while always remembering God. The Goddess Lakshmi is the One who grants this boon.

On Diwali, it is customary to chant to God, and then to do a special Puja (offering and praise) to the Goddess Lakshmi, as a request for her Grace and guidance for the coming year.


**There is a donation of $50 per person collected at the door. The donation goes to support our not-for-profit public charity by covering the costs for producing and presenting these programs and providing food. Your donation is 100% tax-deductible (check with your accountant for how this applies to your tax situation).

Special Mantras for the welfare and prosperity of all will be offered during this auspicious event. **There is a suggested additional donation of $50 to our school to participate in this mantra/prayer offering.**If you will not be able to attend, but want blessings offered for a particular, person or situation, email us with your request. 


This program will take place at Nileshwar in Youngstown, OH. You must reserve in advance. Your reservation will be confirmed by email or phone, along with all program details and the location for this date. **Handicapped accessible. **This event will also be webcast live, for those who do not live in this region.

PROGRAM SCHEDULE – all times are Eastern Standard (New York) time

The Meditation Hall will open at 5:30pm for seating. Prasad, blessed food, will be served at 5:45pm. Plant-based Samosas will be served, with refreshments. Our program will begin at 7pm with talks offered by Sadguru Kedarji and teaching staff. Our celebration will then continue with a special chant, followed by Lakshmi Puja. The chanting will end at 8:30pm. There will be Meditation from 8:30-9pm. After Meditation, coconut prasad will be served. 

We welcome you and anyone you wish to bring. We look forward to meeting you and greeting you. 

You must reserve in advance for this event. 

Reserve My Seat

**For those who do not live in the region, this event will also be webcast live. Use the link below to register for the live webcast. The deadline for registering for the live webcast is Tuesday, 11/2  for access the live webcast.

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