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8-5 thru 8-11-19. 2019 Week Long Shaktipat Meditation Retreat!

2019 Week Long Shaktipat Meditation Retreat With Sadguru Kedarji!

The Bond of Power Your Intention and Guru's Grace

In this Kali Yuga age, it is said that the Grace-bestowing power of God is easily attained through a competent preceptor or Sadguru. So many scriptures and sacred texts also tell us that spiritual power is required in abundance, in order to reverse lifetimes of karmic tendencies that manifest as our present mental conditioning – our inner state.

How do we attain such spiritual power that will allow us to move the mountain of our false leanings and tendencies? By what means can we insulate ourselves against growing distractions, attachment, attraction, aversion and the ceaseless pursuit of sense pleasures?

Lose yourself in the ocean of Bliss that is the highest power – The Shiva-Shakti Power! This weekend Shaktipat Blessing meditation retreat falls on the very auspicious occasion of Mahashivaratri.


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